About Us

AVILON is a leading diversified automotive group of companies seeking to do its business by an effective and responsible manner. Today the main assets of AVILON are concentrated on developing of six areas, namely the official dealerships of worldwide known automobile brands - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW & MINI, Volkswagen, Ford & Hyundai. Avilon has the exclusive Maybach service center in Russia. Best professional team of  Russian automotive market are working for AVILON company. The main areas of activity are sale, warranty maintenance, post-warranty service of the cars  and sale of original spare parts and accessories. AVILON is ahead in all areas of its business and have absolute leading role among other competitors in Russia. 

European Real Estate Company is a leader in its industry sector in Moscow and Moscow region. The Real estate portfolio of the company is over $ 1 billion. During the last two years the company has built up over 35 000 m2. The company develops the construction of A-Class Business Centers and De-Luxe individual houses in Moscow and Moscow region.

Autologistics was founded in 2002 to meet logistics requirements of DaimlerChrysler AG concern in the Russian Federation. Currently Autologistics is one of the largest logistics companies in the field of transportation of cars in Europe, employing over 1000 people and having a fleet of 566 car transporters. Package of logistics services includes transportation of passenger and commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep from the port of Hanko to Moscow, their customs clearance and further delivery of customs-cleared cars to dealers of the Russian Federation.

All the activities of AVILON Group are promising and growing business segments of AVILON AG. Based on our vast prior experience working with such assets we are seeking their conversion into high-performance businesses with a well-defined development strategy ensuring a high level of competitiveness of cars, maintenance and services.


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